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* Do you know what TLD is?

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The popular acronym TLD stands for Top-Level Domain, which is simply the last part of the domain name, placed exactly after the last dot. Additionally, TLDs are known as domain extensions that help associate the aspect of a precise website, for example, its purpose or geographical area.

To better understand the TLD's placement, let's look at the complete structure of a domain name. Starting from left to right, it is the following:

  • Subdomain: It is positioned on the left side of a secondary domain and performs as an extension to the primary domain. A subdomain describes an individual website section.
  • Second-Level Domain: You can find it in the middle of a domain name, and it is the most memorable part of the entire structure. Typically, individuals that create their domains use their personal or business names.
  • Top-Level Domain (TLD): The last part is where TLDs are positioned. As we mentioned, it is the extension at the very end of the domain name. Some popular examples are .com, .net, and .info.

If you are curious to learn more about this topic, we suggest you take a look at a detailed article about TLD!